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Compopser, Arrangeur, PRoducer, Singer and songwriter

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I love music in all its facets. I listen to music from the Middle Ages, Classical, Jazz to Rock and Rap.
Altough there are different styles, it is up to the listener, whether someone likes the music or not.

The Music

shall touch, trigger and resonate with the audience.


My music is mode for the listener. I am definitely not writing for the analyst or examiner, much less for the critic.


Born 1958 in Burgenland, Austria – „southern slope“ as I use to say

  • Grandfather Conductor and Composer
  • Father Hammond Jazz Player
  • I attended Pianolessonsfrom my Childhood on
  • Churchorgan for some years (14-18th year of life)
  • First piano compositions at 12
  • First orchestral compositions 1974 (16 years old)
  • studying composition and orchestration university of vienna and with various teachers

I wrote music for:

  • Orchester as well as String Quartett or Piano
  • Radio plays,
  • Performance
  • Events
  • Commercials
  • Radio Shows

My work:

  • 1974 first recording studio together with my father and brother (a wonderful guitarist)
  • 1976-1979 Big Band Leader: Shellac strikers
  • 1983 Music for an Exhibition Kurt Flechl
  • Music for Radio Plays:
    1986 Homo moriens (on Vinyl!)
    1989 Adam mordet Eva (Adam kills Eva)
    1989 Performancemusic Moneymania

From 2012 working as mixing and mastering engineer:

  • Alfred und Klara:
    2017 Komm mit auf die Reise
    2018 Die große Schlüsselsuche
    2019 Alfred sucht Weihnachten

  • 2016-2018 Producing and presenting a Radioshow: Kopfhörer (Headphone)



  • Karate since 1976, 9th DAN SeiDoRyu, Trainer since 1999
  • Zen
  • Cooking (especially home-cooking as I learned it from Grandma an Ma)
My latest Work

Sound Samples